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A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. So please do subscribe to us to receive the latest updates.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The vitality of cleanliness

by Ayeen Jafery. 

          When we were just a toddler, anything our parents or something that was being taught to us will held firmly and implanted in our mind. It is essential to have a good habits at an early age and being clean and tidy is vital and most important in our daily life basis. 

            From a very young age, formation of certain habits like washing hands before meals, regular brushing of teeth, and bathing are a must. These are entirely personal habits. And, since we live in a society it is essential to follow certain rules like keeping our surroundings clean, avoiding littering in public places, refraining from spitting on the road, and many more. 

           Any habits, good or bad, taught or even picked up at a young age, get embedded into one's personality. Unfortunately, today, many adults themselves do not set very good examples of cleanliness. In fact, habits like smoking, chewing tobacco , and spitting on roads and sidewalks, are a sick heritage handed down from our parents and elderly relatives. Many public places used for defecating are left messy and stinking, leading to any number of diseases. 

         If litter on the road and poor sanitation is being practiced all the time, just imagine these will make an excellent place for those creepy crawly animals as well as infectious diseases to occur. A healthy environment is necessary if we want to stay healthy. If the environment is dirty it badly affects the health of the people living around. 

       Wherever we live, it is important for us to keep it clean. Let's start with our individual homes. If our homes are clean we will obviously enjoy a healthy life. In society it is the responsibility of each and every human being to maintain certain hygienic standards. A clean environment, besides being a pleasure to live in, is a healthy environment.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Bonanza and iCharacter Competition

by Hedwig Mui & Izzati Sufri.

If you can read this, thank a teacher.

The heading itself says it all. Reading, why do we read? Why do we need to read? What’s so important about it? Well, on Thursday, 12th April 2012, our school had a Book Bonanza and our guest of honour, a wise man told us about how reading will help us in our future lives and how it would be essential and beneficial for us. 

Take some time to think about it, what if you could not read? You wouldn't even be reading this then. It would be difficult for you and people around you in your everyday lives. It would be difficult in terms of education, your social life and even looking for jobs. In the society we're living in today, not many people would want to employ someone who cannot read. So be thankful to your teachers and parents who taught you how to read. 

On the same day, we had presentations by the iCharacters participants. iCharacter is a competition among students to dress up as their favorite book character. The participants were asked to dress up as their favorite book character and make a poster out of it including the character’s appearance description and why they choose this character. They were given 4 days to finish the poster which was due on the 7th April. The competition is judged based on their posters and presentation. The judges are Miss Aida and Miss Joyce.

Each participant went up stage, dressed up in their desired characters. They explained to us about their role, their reason why they chose that character and how their personality matches up with their character's personality. There were a lot of interesting information told that we never knew.

According to Tinah Marzuki, one of the contestant. “ I had spent a lot of time on icharacter actually. I did a lot of research and I reread some of the chapters of the book that I chose (Alice the Wonderland). I also had to pick a suitable costume to fit my role as the White Queen.”

“I thought the iCharacter was a way to encourage people to get involved with books. Nowadays, books have become last resorts and by this, it's a start to restoring the habit of reading once again. The presentation was a good way of showing people how well you knew the book you were talking about, and hopefully it was appreciated that we spent time to share why we love the book we presented” said Yassamin binti Ahmad Zainal.

The first place went to "The Three Musketeers", second place went to Alice in wonderland's "Queen Of Hearts" and third place went to "The Joker". The other participants were also there dressed beautifully. Here are some pictures to share.

Yassamin Zainal as 'Queen of Hearts'

 Jeeah Phm and her friends as 'The Three Musketeers'

Haziq Sheh as 'The Joker'

 Izzati Sufri as 'The White Queen'

Muiz Noorasri and Rusydina Idris as 'Romeo and Juliet'

Tinah Marzuki as 'Cleopatra'

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Swimming Competition

by Frederick.

A swimming competition known as '20th Brunei Age Groups' took place at the national stadium from 12th April to 15th April, 2012. On this particular event, many strong teams of swimmers such as MICIA, MASA, SKIM, JIS, RBRC, and DSC from various schools have participated in this event. They were very confident and some looked even stronger than ever.

Among all of these swimmers, one was actually from PTEK and her name is Patricia Chong. She and her team had been to many competitions before and she was ready to face another challenge. Parents of the participants showed up at the event and were seen sitting together watching the competition take place. The race was 100m. Patricia with her opponent of the same age did the butterfly swim, rushing towards and back to the point.

After the event had ended smoothly, the results were out. All the swimmers were very nervous, eagerly wanting to know the outcome. The results were as expected, we congratulate our beautiful swimmer from DSC (Dolphin Swimming Club), Patricia Chong for winning 2 golds, one silver and one bronze and were satisfied by it. If there is another swimming competition, we sure know that Patricia will be up against it and will be hungry for even more gold medals.

Here are some pictures to share.

Patricia posing with her medals that she won 

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Mass Movement Trip

by Haziqah Amin.

On Saturday, the 7th of April, geography students from PTEK had a trip around Brunei-Muara district called 'The Mass Movement Trip'. Its purposes were to visit places in the district where there are mass movement or hill slopes occurring. There were 20 students who take Geography from PTEK involved in this trip. 

The trip started at around 2.15PM. They first went to Bukit Katok, which is located only a few meters away from PTEK. After having a few sights on hill slopes, they left the place and went to Bukit Telanai next. Mass movement, also known as mass wasting, is the downward movement by gravity of rock, regolith (loose, weathered rock) and/or soil on the sloped top layers of the Earth’s surface. It is a significant part of the process of erosion because it moves material from high elevations to lower elevations. It can be triggered by natural events like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and flooding but gravity is its driving force. Fortunately for us, there has not been any reported cases of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions happening in Brunei. In Brunei, having tropical rain forest as its climate, what usually triggers these processes is the soil erosion caused by heavy rainfall. 

'The hill slopes in Mabohai were the most obvious ones. You could see patches where there used to be trees growing and not see them there anymore after being washed off by heavy rainfalls' said Aziemah from AE 20, describing the sight she was having when they visited some hills in Mabohai. 

It was a knowlegdable trip as they had learnt a lot regarding mass movement and hillslopes from it. Hopefully the trip could help them in their understanding about this particular topic and thus, assisting them in their exams. 

“Knowing where things are, and why, is essential to rational decision making”- Jack Dangermond, Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Japanese Club Learning Session

By Fazrenna Mks.

On Monday, 16 April 2012, the Japanese club had a short session whereby the president, Khariul Ariff, taught the Japanese language to the members of the Japanese club, both AEs and BEs.

The students were informed that they have to be in the session at about 2:30PM at the english room 15. As many as 20 students turned up for the session. As the session got to a start, the students became very enthusiastic in learning the Japanese language.

Some of what they learned in the session:

Youbi (days)

Sunday - Nichiyoubi
Monday – Getsuyoubi 月曜日 

Tuesday - Kayoubi
Wednesday - Suiyoubi
Thursday - Mokuyoubi
Friday – Kinyoubi 金曜日 

Saturday - Doyoubi

President's favourite word:
Holidays/break –Yasumi

Info for Japanese club members: The next meeting will be on next Monday. Time will be from 2.30 until 4.30PM.
 The venue will be announced at a later date ;)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New year, New school, New opportunities!

by Chok Siong Wee and Hedwig Mui.

On 12th and 14th of April 2012, the young and new generation of PTEK, fresh off of high school, came for interviews to join the student authority of the school ie. The student council and prefects. “ I’m so nervous, I really don’t know what to say !” says one of the candidate. Fortunately enough, the prefects and student council members helped them ease up on the stress by writing up motivational and uplifting messages on the boards to help calm their nerves.

“At first I felt so stiff, I couldn’t even breathe, but after the prefect gave a gentle laugh and smiled at me, I really feel more comfortable with them. I could actually be me with them” says a student after an interview with the bureau of CCA and Public Relation. This interview helps strengthen and mould the students, the future of tomorrow, to be ready for the problems that they may face in the future when they apply for job and be well-motivated before any future confrontation with their senior colleague at work.

There are numerous outstanding students, equipped with grades that shot sky high and well-mannered personality stumble upon answering the question “So what makes you think you’re up for the tasks we handle here as the student council”. The answer that came about after the question would start off a bit shaky, but the sentences are finished with a bang, bringing the student council shocked in awe.

“From my point of view, the students did quite well. They had injected great confidence and shown immense passion during the interview” said Joanne Lim, a prefect from the bureau of Public Relations.

Although the students may not know what obstacles that lies behind the duties of the student council, the student council and prefects know what they saw in them. Their potential--potential to be the next leaders that guides PTEK into a better college of tomorrow.

“It isn’t only just how they look, dress and the way they talk during the interview. It is how they how they show us their true individual selves that makes the difference. We want to know what they can do, and how would they do it.” Says one of the prefects on duty. A large number of different candidates may show a large variance in attitude and presentation-wise but only a few could stand out with a difference in personality, the interviews tests both their ability to perform well as well as testify their words through the their personality behavior.

Working swiftly and efficiently, the members of the student authority worked, asking questions and writing reviews on the individual candidates. At the end of the day, the student council members who gave the interviews, smiled; heart filled with hopes, to feel that the next generation could do so much better.

“I can do it” said the candidate, pumping himself up before entering the interviewing room.

 We can do this.


by Caroline Tan.

FRIDAY,16TH APRIL 2012 – We had our 1st VIP day for upper sixth students. It was held in the Multi-Purpose Hall in Pusat Tingkatan Enam Katok from 8.00am to 11.00 am. It was a huge success because most of the parents, and even the students themselves showed up. The parking lot was all filled with cars. One parking space would be quickly filled by another car, that’s how much the parents care about their children’s education you see. 

The most common questions asked were: 'How’s my child doing academically?', 'Why is my child not doing well?', 'What should be done to help my child?', 'How’s my child’s behavior in class?'. The best thing about VIP days is that teachers are not afraid to tell you what they think when they are asked. They might tell you positive things like: 'Congratulations, you are doing well! Keep it up!', 'No problem at all, just keep up the good work and keep working hard', 'Maintain where you are and the future is in your hands!' or negative things like: 'You have to focus harder in class', 'You could have done so much better', 'Practice more, revise more, you will achieve more'. 

Whatever kind of feedback you get from your teachers just now, they are useful ones. If it’s a positive feedback, then you use that to motivate you to maintain where you are right now! If it’s a negative one then don’t be too sad. Don’t be demotivated at all! Motivate yourself, change yourself and the next time VIP day comes, you will surely get lots of positive feedbacks! After all, VIP days are held to help you realize what your flaws are so you could improvise them! Make good use of that! So in the end, parents were satisfied with useful information. 

Students who had gone with their parents on the other hand, knew exactly what should be done to obtain better grades now. Upper six students are reminded that, AS exams are very near. I will be posting up another article on how to prepare for that one!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Geography Field Trip To Tasek Lama

By Al Faidz

One way of learning geography is to study them hands on and on 30th March 2012, geography class L2.1 consisting of the lower six students had a field trip to Tasek Lama. This trip is lead by the geography lecture himself, Sir Ramarao. With the permission PTEK, permission slips were given to the student who are participating to inform their parents about the educational trip. PTEK conducts these kind of trips not just for the geography students, but also for students who are interested. It all depends on the subject and availability of the lecturers. 

The trip to Tasek Lama was enjoyed by students where they were given chances to observe up close and also given on field explanation on the respective subtopics of Hydrology. As many as 18 students were given the opportunity to observe the shape of the drainage basin of Tasek Lama, the seepage of water, the process of percolation and also some other upcoming topic which haven't been taught to the students. Judging from the students' response, many of those contribute in the trip by asking questions, observing the process and also increase their understanding and ability in answering questions on spot and off spot. Such that student can imagine what they see.

At the end of the day, Sir Rama quoted “What’s more important is not what you need to learn, but what you know. Don’t just be a book smart person, be a smart person, be an A* student!”

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Public Transportation in Brunei and London

by Ayeen Jafery. 

To be honest, public transportation in Brunei is quite limited. Even though, over the years we could see some improvements being made, there is still more room for Brunei to make the public transport more popular to the locals and tourists. As you can see, they are mostly only used only by the foreigners who reside in Brunei and is not favoured by the locals. This is because they are limited. There is still much to be done to improve  and promote public transportation in Brunei. Just imagine Brunei having these MRTs, won't you want to start using it? 

Public transportation over here are made up of mostly taxis and bus services. Taxis are scarce and limitedly available at hotels, shopping centres, the Brunei International Airport and in the capital, Bandar Seri Begawan. As for buses, there are only six bus routes in daily operation in Bandar Seri Begawan - the Eastern Line, the Southern Line, the Western Line, the Central Line, the Circle Line and the Northern Line. The buses are purple in colour and quite small and mainly used by foreigners. From what I had observed, most Bruneians do not use these services. Do you ever wonder why? Are they really easily available? 

It's time for us to think about why this is happening. Public transportation should make our daily lives easier but in Brunei, most people drive their own cars and get caught in traffic jams! When I was in London recently, I noticed that their public transportation was highly popular amongst the locals and tourists alike. Same goes for other countries for that matter! 

In London, the main source of public transport is the Underground or tubes as they call it and they are really reliable. It’s a very extensive network and you can go to all places in London quickly. The tubes are properly labelled so it is easy to reach your desired destinations without getting lost. For example, at the front of the train, at the platform indicator, it will show the ultimate destination of the train and when the train will be arriving. The tubes arrive at every station in a timely manner. The stations also have maps to show you the all the alternative routes you can use to reach your destination. Each tube station is within easy distance with each other and if you are confused or if by mistake, you use the wrong tubes, you can always get off the tubes at any one station and change your direction. The tube attendants are very helpful too so there would be no problem at all. On top of that, the tube stations are decorated really beautifully and is very clean. In terms of price, Londoners usually opt to buy tube tickets called Oyster Cards where you can top up and use instead of having to buy a ticket all the time.

Buses are also quite reliable in London and they're quite cheap. In some areas where tubes are not available, we could hop into buses. The bus stops are well signposted and each stop gives information about all the bus destinations, alternative stops nearby for other buses, frequency, etc. The buses in London are easily identifiable because they are red in colour and two stories, it is known famously as Double Decker buses. They are also quite nice to ride especially on the top deck where we could see London's beautiful scenaries. There are night buses and 24 hour buses in London where it generally runs all through the night and from hourly to 4 rides an hour, seven nights a week. So it is so easy to look for public transport in London compared to Brunei where buses are available during the day only. 

Apart from tubes and buses, there are also taxis in London. Although taxis are less popular due to the high cost, they are also beautifully decorated and the taxi drivers are very friendly and helpful. 

In conclusion, to be successful in promoting the public transportation in Brunei, it is very important to know what is wanted and favoured by the people. The most important thing is knowing how to change the mindset of the people so that they could accept the idea of using these services and the only way to achieve that is to have proper and reliable service and on top of that, to give good promotions to the people so they would start to get used to the idea.

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Juniors Tied Down The Veteran

by Wadud Yussop.

On Tuesday, 10th of April 2012, there was a match between Pisako FC and K-Knights. It was a match between the teachers and juniors. 

The match kicked off to a start at 4:00PM. Both team started the match off competitively and was both constantly exchanging attacks. Unfortunately, both failed to hit the target and half-time came to an end with a score of 0-0. 

As the match for second-half started, players form Pisako tried to control the tempo of the game. They were very close to opening the score sheet but failed to after their goal had been disallowed due to it being offside. Pisako got another chance to take the 3 points as they were given penalty but Sir Reizal failed to hit the net. Final score ended with a tie of 0-0. 

It was a competitive match and Cikgu Roslan walked home with the man of the match award. Referee of this match was Azizi Roslan.  

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Securing The Top Spot In The League

by Wadud Yussop.

On Tuesday, 10th of April 2012, Intut-Intut FC won their third match after defeating Starjan. There was a rumour that Starjan will not have enough players but fortunately, they did. It was due to the class extension being cancelled. Nevertheless, both team fought well as the game kicked off at 2.30pm. 

Starjan opened the scoring chances after a brilliant breakthrough but failed to finish. As the game went on, Muadz Hairel opened the score for Intut-Intut after a long dropkick by Intut-Intut's goalkeeper. Not long after that, they scored once again, leaving a score of 2-0 from Khalid Mahmud's thunderous shot brilliantly set up by Cassidy Liew. Half-time ended with a score of 2-0 with Intut-Intut taking the lead.

As the second half started, Intut-Intut failed to dominate the possession like they did during the first half. Starjan showed the audience that they had great determination to stay on the game but that didn't last long as Khalid Mahmud scored the third goal for Intut-Intut. Final score came down to 3-0 with Intut-Intut winning the match. With this victory, Intut-Intut stayed on top of the list and Khalid Mahmud, who walked away with the man of the match award, now takes the spot as the top scorer with 5 goals.

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wet Field? No Probs For Selungsung FC

by Wadud Yussop.

Yesterday, 9th of april 2012, there were 2 scheduled match for the K-League. The first match was between Selungsung FC and Tenggiling. Both team lost in their first match and so were striving to win this time. Selungsung was the favourite team for this match as they had more supporters, supporting them and they looked strong on paper. 

The match kicked off at 2:40PM. Most of the supporters had thought that Selungsung would dominate, but they got to see an entertaining match that afternoon as Tenggiling didn't back down after their 9-0 lost against Batis United. Both team fought well enough as Selungsung controlled the tempo of the match. They started off well as Abu Ahfam, a player from Selungsung, scored a goal with a tap in after a brilliant cross by Amin. Not long before the first half was going to end, Abu scored his second goal for his team after a simple touch. The first half of the match ended with a score of 2 - 0 with Selungsung leading the match. There was a bit of conflict during the first half of the match between Selungsung and Tenggiling's defender but the referee quickly put it to a stop. 

As the second half began, Tenggiling seemed like they were to stop Selungsung's momentum but Selungsung was way too strong. They dominated the match. Md Aisam scored Selungsung's third goal with a cheeky long range chip freekick which kept Tenggiling's keeper out of reach. Selungsung wanted to widen the score gap for Tenggiling from a penalty but they failed to after Amin blasted the ball right at the keeper. Amin tried to repay his mistake and he succeeded as he scored the fourth goal for Selungsung after a defensive mistake by Tenggiling players. Abu, who was one goal short for hatrick, completed it with a cool finish after a defensive mix up in Tenggiling's backline. To finish off the match, Afiq Amsyar scored the sixth and final goal for Selungsung after Acap's long pass confused Tenggiling's defense. It was a good result for the favourite, Selungsung and another bad result for Tenggiling. 

Abu Ahfam took home the man of the match award after his hatrick brought Selungsung to victory. This match was refereed by Abd Nasir Saupiey.

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Winning Streak

by Wadud Yussop.

On 4th of April, Wednesday, there was K-league match between Intut-Intut Rovers and K-Knights. Both team won in their first match and they look to win again to capture the top spot. 

The match started off at 4:00PM. Both teams started very competitively as the possesion was equally shared. It was unfortunately, not a good start for Intut-Intut as they looked out of position most of the time. K-Knights's style of counter attacking frightened players of Intut-Intut but with the leadership of Ron Junior Philip, their defense managed to cope well with the fast runner, K-Kinghts. Khalid Mahmud, player from Intut-Intut, scored the first goal for his team after a solo run passing by K-Knights defenders and ending with a close finish. K-Knights seem to wake up from the early goal and they've got the opportunity to score from a penalty spot after Ron Junior Philip foul K-Knights's maestro. K-Knights equalised the score after Najmi put it onto the right post of Intut-Intut's keeper. This left a score of 1-1. Intut-Intut was not demotivated by K-Knights's goal and they tried to lead K-Knights once more. In the case of K-Knights, they were motivated after that goal. As both team continued to exchange shots, Ilyaas Zulfikri from Intut-Intut changed the score to 2-1 after he scored from a scramble defence at K-Knights penalty box. The halftime ended with a score of 2-1 with Intut-Intut leading.

As the second half began, Intut-Intut controlled the tempo of the game right away. Once again, Khalid Mahmud scored the third goal for Intut-Intut after a fantastic volley leaving the goalkeeper with no chance to stop it. Cassidy Liew scored the fourth goals for Intut-Intut with a beautifully executed one time half-volley into the top corner. This goal might be the candidates for the goal of the season. As Intut-Intut was up by 3 goals, Munir Bakar showboat a bit as he danced on the football field during the game to give entertainment to the fans. The final score was 4-1 with Intut-Intut walking away with the victory. 

It was a great win for Intut-Intut as they now shared points with K-Gunners. Khalid Mahmud took the man of the match award. This match was refereed by Abd Nasir Saupiey. 

Revised by Joanne Lim.

Another Win For The Gunners

by Ahmad Rusydan.

The 2nd match to follow on Thursday, 5th April 2012 was between the team that consisted of lecturers, the "veteran" team Pisako FC and one of the favorites to win the K-League, K-Gunners. Pisako FC field a strong line up with 7 lecturers starting the match. 

The match started off slowly with Pisako keeping the possession away from the Gunners. Few minutes on, K-Gunners had their first chance of the match. After few attempts of attack broke down on the right side of the field, the ball fell kindly to Abdul Hadi whose shot was bravely blocked by Pisako's keeper leaving the goal wide open only for Ahmad Rusydan to place the rebound shot few inches wide off the crossbar. The game was then in control by the Gunners in which they won a corner shortly afterward. K-Gunners made fully use of their corner. It was a well planned corner with Jafnie Junaidi and Abdul Hadi catching Pisako's defense off guard and crossing in the ball for Afif Ali to head home their first goal. Another chance came begging when the ball was squared into the penalty box only for Abdul Hadi, just a touch away from adding another goal for K-Gunners. The game was pretty one sided for quite awhile and soon, K-Gunners's constant attack paid off. Afif Ali added his goal tally of the day to two when he broke away from  Pisako's defense and finished off cooly. Pisako did gave the Gunners's back line few scares when they couldn't manage to get possession from the brilliance of Cikgu Tamin and Cikgu Roslan. Najwan came close with the end product of the beautiful gameplay only resulting in a goal kick. Minutes from the interval, Afif Ali scored his third goal of the day. Again, Pisako's defense couldn't keep up with his pace and similarly to his second goal, he slot home the third cooly. Just before the whistle was blown for the end of the first half, there was a heated complaint from Pisako's leading defense due to the dangerous tackle from Dinie Mohaimin although, he won the ball cleanly. 

The second half started off similarly to how the first half ended. K-Gunners strive to increase the scoreline but Pisako have stepped up their game with the introduction of Sir Amir and Syazwi Taib into the heart of the defense. The change proved effective as Gunners' attack were shut by Pisako and their back line was tested, when again, Cikgu Tamin and Cikgu Roslan combining only for the quick counter to break down. Few moments later, after a wonderful through ball by Nasir Saufi to Abdul Hadi, who beats the offside trap, added his goal tally of the league to two with a textbook finish. Pisako has now a mountain to climb if they were to gain a point from this match, trailing 0-4 behind. Pisako never gave up. They kept on attacking only to fail in getting the finishing product. Whilst Pisako were busy breaking K-Gunners defence down, Abdul Hadi missed another great chance when his header connected with the ball only for it to bounce off the crossbar and out for a goal kick. Soon after that, he redeemed himself with point-blank shot goal with the ball squared in by Aiman Hafizan into the box. Although they were down by 5 goals, Pisako still made life hard for K-Gunners. The score was then 6-0 when Jafnie Junaidi, with a chipped through ball which went above Syazwi Taib was slotted in by Nasir Saufi who was one on one with the keeper. To end the day, Abdul Hadi added his third of the day. This took him to the top of the goalscoring chart. The match ended with a 0-7 scoreline and was the 2nd biggest scoring match. 

Afif Ali was named man of the match. This was the first loss for Pisako. This match was also refereed by Ron Junior Philip.

Greentea To The Rescue As Starjan Shellshocked

by Ahmad Rusydan.

The K-League on 5th of April started with a match with MIC playing against Starjan. Both team went into this match, without a single point, looking to bounce off from their first game defeats. MIC started the match without one of their key players, Khairun Akmal while Starjan was in full strength with Muein "Dragon" Hamsyari leading the backline. 

It looked like we were only moments away from Starjan scoring the first goal. MIC on the other hand defended well to keep Starjan at bay. 15 minutes into the game, both teams exchanged attacks from one end to the other. Starjan came close with a chance when MIC failed to retain possession in their own half. MIC's captain called for a resurgence from the team as they set to overcome the 6-0 thrashing from their first game. Starjan then came close with Fuad Jaos's freekick only for him to hit it high over the bar. The game then became dull throughout the first half.

Second half started with Khairun Akmal coming in into the midfield of MIC. This half of the match was much better than the first with both team playing with a purpose of breaking the deadlock. It was anybody's game but MIC looked threatening this time with quick counter attacks. Starjan's defense was finally broken down by another quick counter from MIC. A mistake from Starjan's defender pave way for Amirul "Greentea" Azmi to score MIC's first goal of the league. MIC then held on to their lead until the final whistle was blown. It was an unexpected win for MIC as the match looked like it was to end with a goalless draw. Final score was 1-0 with MIC taking the lead.

Khairun Akmal was named man of the match. This match w3as refereed by Ron Junior Philip.


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